A downloadable project for Windows

A small voxel planet generator using my own custom game engine.


- WASD to move

- Press F2 to toggle on/off free cam (like a first person shooter camera)

- LMB adds terrain, RMB destroys. Use Q and E to decrease and increase the radius of terrain creation/destruction

- Hold SHIFT to move faster and go through the terrain

- F to fire a light

- Press F3 to toggle planet walk mode. Walk across the surface!


You'll need windows and at least 4 gigs of ram. (You can try with less just don't generate big planets).


- Collision is temperamental needs to be fixed

- Work on the procedural generation that takes longer to do than the building of the terrain (and uses way too much memory)

- Improve build times for chunks

- LOD, improve renderer

- Switch from amortised to multi threaded.

- Finish GUI

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder. Find the executable and run it.

You shouldn't need any additional libraries.


VoxelPlanetGen.zip 2 MB

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