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The titular and hotly anticipated sequel to 2019's sleeper hit, Slave: Unpaid.

Embark on a quest for revenge as you wreak havoc in the depths of the dankest dungeon ever concieved! Eviscerate your opponents by brutally bashing through their frail slave-like bodies. Coat the floor in the blood of your enemies!

Experience what it truly means to be a.... Slave: Unchained !


Introducing a new update... Slave: Unchained - Rampage Edition!

Slave: Unchained - Rampage Edition

Unleash your inner rampage!

Embark on the ultimate rampage with Slave: Unchained - Rampage Edition. Experience quality of life improvements to the Ludum Dare original, including a lightning fast reset system, new enemy animations and an entirely new map! (also bug fixes :D)

Begin an unending rampage with Slave: Unchained - Rampage Edition!

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.

WASD to move

LMB to dash

ESC to open the pause menu

Maintain a combo by killing enemies.

Kill as many enemies as you can!


 - Engine: Custom (C++)
 - Programming: Tednesday
 - Art: SvenErik
 - Additional: Expert consultancy.


Slave: Unchained - Ludum Dare Version 4 MB
Slave: Unchained - Rampage Edition 4 MB

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